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Whatever has happened to Metal?

Once upon a time, many years ago, I used to watch “Headbanger’s Ball” on MTV in earnest.  I listened to Metallica before Metallica was cool.  Megadeth was pretty awesome.  Queensrÿche, Helloween, The Crüe so Mötley, Anthrax, other bands with cööl umlauts in their names.  All fit into the genre of “Heavy Metal”.  All of which included actual singing in their music.  Some might call them “melodies” or “songs”.  I have discovered that the way to tell that you’ve gotten old is when things you used to enjoy have devolved to the point where you can no longer tolerate them.

Now there are so many sub-genres of Metal and it is mostly so hardcore, it offends mine old and tender ears.  Death-Metal, Black-Metal, even Viking-Metal?

Metal bands now almost universally employ frontmen who “sing” entirely in guttural grunts.  Personally, I think they have a heavy influence from Sesame Street: “C is for cookie”, indeed.

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Posted by on March 30, 2011 in Music (or lack thereof)