My Bull Sh!t

In case you haven’t made the connection, H.B.S. stands for, you guessed it, “His Bull Sh!t”.  This is a term my wife coined in response to the regular, varied stream of consciousness, ponderings, hobbies, and activities that I pursue.  I often have an itch to know or to try someting new or to experience something that could be entirely off-the-wall, sparked by something I read or saw on TV, or heard.  I created a “file” to house these items, both in the electronic, and physical ‘manila-folder’ sense. 

My name is Brett Ringger.  Although my wife rolls her eyes a lot, and often responds with a concerned and weary “What are you doing now…” when she sees me searching or typing furiously on my laptop, she generally tolerates if not supports my meandering mind as long as it doesn’t cost too much in terms of time, energy, and money.  Some of the file you might find amusing.  Some will not interest you at all.  I just have to write about it somewhere, so herein lies the repository.


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